Review: Light by Michael Grant





Light is the final book in Grant’s series, which I’ve reviewed as I’ve been reading them. Despite a dip in the middle, I think this final book was superb – the characters all came together, action was fast paced and exciting, and it was a good ending to the series.

Starting the novel with the statement that “the best bit about any story is its ending” smacks a little of arrogance – and certainly sets himself a high target to achieve! I wouldn’t say this is necessarily the best of the books, but it is a fitting ending. Each of the characters comes to an appropriate ending, which is always a difficult task to pull off.

Using a mixture of inside and outside the Fayz adds an extra dimension to this – the fact that the bubble surrounding the Fayz has now become transparent brings an added horror, making us see the adults’ response to what their children have done – without any actual understanding of how horrific it has been inside the Fayz – and the children inside who now can see their parents but, in what is actually one of the most tragic scenes in the book, can’t touch or communicate with them, just sitting to see them instead. With the gaiaphage growing up and ready to move on, the final showdown finally will be the endgame. Characters we’ve seen since the beginning are called on and continue to develop, having to either prove themselves or turn away from everyone else. There’s plenty of the violence and action that has characterised these books.

There were a few things I found unsatisfactory – the connection of Little Pete, the gaiaphage and video games was never quite fully explained. The gaiaphage’s origins are dealt with in a brief way that seems to suggest that’s all we need to know, without really exploring anything further. It feels a little like we’re being told simply to accept something without it being proven. The very ending is a little rushed at times, again glossing over details which wouldn’t hold up to closer scrutiny.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable series that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, especially to older teens.



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