About me


I’m a writer and teacher from West Yorkshire, in the UK. I’ve always read everything I can get my hands on, and I love writing stories because I love language, the way that characters can become real, and description can make you see something as if it were.

I love writing in the autumn. At the moment I’m getting home while it’s still light, and as I sit at my desk, outside slowly darkens without my noticing, the windows outside becoming glowing picture frames of life, until eventually I realise I’m peering at the screen and can’t see anything past its brightness. My desk lamp goes on, and the room is suddenly warm again. We have a blue light on one side, and a normal bulb on the other, and where they meet in the middle of the ceiling is a strange almost 3d blur of colour.

Autumn also means weekends where I can write wrapped up in a jumper with a window open to let in the crisp chill of the air, before it gets too cold and the windows close, to be covered with a film of condensation that needs wiping away every day.

At the moment, I’m writing a short story for the Ilkley Literature Festival open mic night, and planning in my head a novel – an urban fantasy set in turn of the century New York.

My most recent novella, the first in the Chronology Protection Agency series, is available on Amazon, as are several of my short stories.

Have a look around, and get in touch. I’m also on twitter @lotti_brown

Here’s my author page on Amazon


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