Interview with my cover designer!


Balancing Act Cover MEDIUM

This has been really exciting – for my new novella, I’ve decided to get the cover done by someone professional rather than doing it myself, as I’ve done for my previous short stories. I’ve really enjoyed the process, and had found Jane a very reliable, professional person to work with who’s done some great work for me!  Her website is and you can see some of the previous covers she’s done.

The novella itself is currently being processed by the KDP system and will be available early this week – another post will definitely announce its arrival!

I wanted to get someone else to do the cover because design really isn’t my forte – I quite like the story covers, but they aren’t as professional looking as I would like because my taste outstrips my ability, and though I put in hours and hours of work, I think that time is better spent doing what I am good at – writing stories.

Plus, this novella is more of an experiment to see how well I can do on Kindle publishing, and I want to give it the best possible chance. It’s like sending it out into the world – would I want it in everyday jeans and a t-shirt, no makeup and three day old hair? No – I want it dressed to impress and ready to rock.

There’s an interview with Jane here which explains really clearly and interestingly the process of designing a cover:

Fenella Miller: Jane Dixon-Smith talks about cover design..

Introducing the Chronology Protection Agency…


For a couple of months I’ve been working on a novella introducing characters and a world that I’m really excited about. The Chronology Protection Agency is inspired by Stephen Hawking’s metaphor suggesting that there is an organisation which keeps time safe:

It seems that there is a Chronology Protection Agency which prevents the appearance of closed timelike curves and so makes the universe safe for historians.

The CPA series is set in a version of our world in which time travel is possible, has been discovered and widespread but international agreements have regulated travel, for the good of humanity.

Jefferson Murphy is bright, ambitious and, between him and his ex-commanding officer, more than a little bit arrogant. Joining the Chronology Protection Agency, he is confident that he can handle whatever his first day throws at him. Since coming back onto active duty after a personal tragedy, Ruaina Laing just wants to get on with the job that she’s always wanted to do and prove that she’s still up to the challenge. She emphatically does not want a new partner, and Jefferson is definitely not a contender, fresh out of training with an act-first-think-later approach disdaining the analytical skills on which she has built her career.

When the two are put together to investigate the case of a lawyer unaware of his time-stream disturbance, neither thinks it will be a complex case but it quickly becomes clear there’s a new player in town determined to manipulate time for his own profit. Soon, the pair are forced to rely on one another to keep time protected and keep themselves in the right time.

I’m really excited about this novella! I’ve been working on it for  a while and have loved pulling the characters together for their first outing, and really getting into the swing of the voice I want for the book. I’m currently revising and editing, and look forward to releasing it as an e-book in August.