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  My second e-book is quite different to the first. It was inspired by a conversation with a friend who did some work in a mental hospital, and came across a woman who thought she could see that people were being possessed – her medication stopped her seeing the possessing creatures, but that didn’t mean she stopped believing that they existed. That was a terrifying thought; what would someone do in that situation?

It took about a week to write the first draft, which is quite quick for me. Perhaps a sign that my writing muscles are getting stronger? In the redrafts, I went back and layered in some more ideas about the woman, suggesting that she might be struggling with being a mother and the pressures that women feel to take all their maternity leave to spend with the baby, dealing with the conflict I imagine women feel between a fulfilling career which they’ve loved, and their new role as mother.

I rewrote the ending a few times, including changing tense, narrative voice, and stripping out a lot of event narrative (then I did this, and found this, and tried to do this) in favour of more emotional description and a wider view of her actions, like zooming out. I think that worked much better, maintaining the emotional side of the woman rather than becoming too plot-driven.

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